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When you’re cuddled up with the family for movie night, the last thing you want to be thinking about is how dirty the couch is. That island of comfort in the living room attracts drink spills and crumbs, as well as pet hair, dander, and odors. Reclining on your loveseat can be more comfortable knowing your favorite spot has undergone a natural sofa cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning is an important part of maintaining furniture and extending its lifetime. Fabrics can become home to dust mites, bacteria, and other micro-organisms that along with dirt and the wear and tear of normal use can make your sofa and armchair look dingy. Natural sofa cleaning will revitalize your furniture with cleaners that are safe for you, your family, your pets, and the environment.
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Whether it’s your favorite reading spot or where your spouse watches the nightly news, your sofa is an integral part of your living room or den. Perfect for catnaps or putting up your feet when you need a break, you deserve to know what you and your family are resting on. Dirty upholstery is a petri dish that can hold last week’s cold germs and Spot’s dirty paw prints. Cleaning it regularly will not only extend the sofa’s life and make it look better, but it will also remove the microbes that have begun nesting within fibers and the crumbs from last month’s midnight snack.

Traditional sofa cleaners are chock full of bizarre-sounding chemicals that you generally wouldn’t let near your family. Why allow someone to spray your couch down in them? At Naturally Green, we believe that using organic, non-toxic cleaners is best for our families, the environment, and the sofa. Rather than adding pollutants into the fabric of your couch and damaging your indoor air quality, organic sofa cleaning revitalizes your cushions with eco-friendly cleaners.

Traditional upholstery cleaners can contain harmful and toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and pesticides we would never willingly invite into our homes. These cleaners can cause health problems like nausea and dizziness, and irritate our eyes and noses. Children and pets are generally the most affected as their precious faces are in closer contact with treated areas. Avoiding dangerous chemicals and opting for organic sofa cleaning can help protect your family’s health.

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In addition to our unique organic cleaner, Naturally Green uses less water than traditional upholstery cleaners. We reduce water use and drying time by more effectively and efficiently using water. Naturally Green’s low-moisture cleaning method uses the minimum amount of water necessary to ensure a clean couch or armchair. Water conservation is an important environmental topic in California and we’ve committed to using less water to help protect the Earth. Our non-toxic cleaning method also uses less energy, reducing the carbon footprint of our organic upholstery cleaning.


Regularly cleaning your sofa can extend its lifetime and keep it looking its best. It’s an investment into the longevity of your furniture. Naturally Green’s low-moisture, natural sofa cleaning method shortens drying time, helping ensure mold doesn’t find a new place to call home.

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In 2014, Naturally Green received the first ever award for Best Healthy Organic Cleaning Company from the National Institute for Healthy Organic Cleaning. Naturally Green owner Job Herrera believes that a naturally clean home is good for the environment. Naturally Green stays on top of OSHA standards and the latest environmental news in California to provide our clients with superior Earth-friendly cleaning.

Naturally Green makes the luxury of eco-conscious cleaning affordable and provides specialized services that rival traditional methods. Utilizing an organic, non-toxic cleaner and a low-moisture method, Naturally Green helps you feel comfortable on your couch, knowing it’s safe for you and your family.

You carefully selected your furniture, let us carefully clean it the Naturally Green way. We believe our service is the best-and safest- for your family, the environment, and your sofa. Because of this, we offer a free consultation so we can discuss your cleaning needs.

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