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Having a fine antique rug with an intricate design in the home or office adds a touch of panache and warmth to a room, and can be the perfect accent to brighten up your space by Naturally Green Carpet Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services. Unfortunately, the rugs we tread on every day accumulate dirt, dust mites, spills, dust, pet droppings or fungi naturally over time.

We want our work and living space to look clean, but all too often, we don’t know the correct product to use and lack the proper tools required to care for our rugs, leading to faded or muted colors, damage to the material, or color bleeding.
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Intricately woven or antique rugs are comprised of fine and delicate fibers – pull a loose thread, and your rug can become frayed and damaged. Because of these realities, having the rugs in your home or office treated by a professional organic carpet cleaning service can simplify your cleaning routine, extend the life of your rug, and save you the money and hassle of replacement if you damage or prematurely age your rugs from cleaning them with harsh chemicals and cleaning equipment.

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Naturally Green Cleaning cleverly integrates low moisture, non-toxic and organic method of cleaning fabrics and carpets to deliver an environment-friendly rug cleaning service. The conservation of water benefits the earth, saves consumers the expense of treating residual moisture left behind and results in a cleaner rug that is easier to maintain because there is no mold accumulation or growth with a low moisture system.

Traditional rug cleaning products can take up to five or six hours to dry because of the excessive amount of water they use. When excess water is soaking in your rugs and padding, mold begins to appear before the floor covering can dry. When mold sets in to a rug, it is nearly impossible to remove. Green rug cleaning products eliminate the possibility of mold growth while extending the lifetime of your fabrics, doubling the life of your rugs and carpets.

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Naturally Green Cleaning’s eco-friendly rug cleaning service uses organic carpet cleaning solutions, avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals that can damage your health. Conventional rug cleaning products contain a breadth of hazardous materials, from formaldehyde to cancer-causing carcinogens, acids and even lye. When exposed to these chemicals through the air, your respiratory system can become aggravated, causing congestion, sneezing and irritation to our eyes. When you breathe traditional rug cleaning products you can feel fatigued, can suffer damage to endocrine systems and may even experience an imbalance in hormones.

Children and pets are most vulnerable to these harmful chemicals. They spend the most time in close contact to our rugs, and are most likely to inhale these toxic products. People who own pets and have children are more likely to need rug cleaning services, however, as their rugs are constantly being exposed to spills and other soils. Our non-toxic carpet cleaning system takes the worry out of cleaning up after your little loved ones.

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A reputable green cleaning company should be able to easily answer basic questions you may have about their products and practices, such as “What do you do with your waste? Is your product chemical or plant based, and where does it come from?”

For Naturally Green Cleaning, conversations like this come easily to company owner Job Herrera. As a proponent of earth friendly solutions, he saw a need to conserve water and reduce the carbon footprint of rug cleaning services. He understood that the safety of vulnerable children and animals was paramount, and he wanted to offer a solution that worked just as well as conventional rug cleaning products, while reducing the potential for mold growth without the danger of toxic chemicals.

This company caters to Los Angeles and West LA communities, offering a non-toxic, effective and organic rug cleaning system. Every consultation is free of charge, where we work with you to create an immediate and a long term plan to beautify your space in the most environmentally friendly, budget friendly, and health friendly way possible.

We would love to speak to you about getting your rugs sparkling clean and keeping them that way. Feel free to reach out to us online, or give us a call at (800) 731-5769. It would be our pleasure to assist you in any way that we can.

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