Job Herrera's Passion for Carpet Cleaning

Job Herrera developed a passion for carpet cleaning from a young age. After college, he worked in the corporate world but dreamed of starting his own carpet cleaning business. In 2005, Herrera launched Naturally Green Carpet Cleaning, committed to exceptional service and pristine results.

Leading a growing, thriving carpet cleaning company, Herrera has hands-on experience that informs his meticulous approach. He understands the satisfaction of revitalizing worn, dirty carpets and returning them to a like-new state. Herrera knows that clean carpets contribute greatly to homeowners' happiness and pride.

Job Herrera - Naturally Green Carpet Cleaning Van Nuys California

With advanced techniques and solutions, Herrera's team lifts stains easily. They remove embedded allergens and bacteria, eliminate foul odors, and restore vibrancy to dulled colors. Herrera trains staff to leave carpets fluffy and spotless, without a trace of sticky residue. Long after his crew completes a job, customers enjoy the look and feel of their revived carpets.

From plush living room carpeting to high-traffic office spaces, Herrera has seen it all. His strong roots in the community since 2005, paired with carpet cleaning expertise, make Naturally Green the leading cleaning service locally. Herrera continues sharing his passion, raising standards in an industry he’s devoted to. When it comes to carpet care, home and business owners trust Job Herrera for a pristine clean.


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