What's There To See at NoHo Arts District?

NoHo Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles is a great place to take the family or friends on a day out to enjoy the local culture and art. Whether you are interested in taking in all of the arts or simply strolling through the streets, there is a lot for everyone in this artsy street. With three large public libraries and three professional performing arts theaters, you will not need to see much of anything if you so choose to. From a local bookstore to a Chinese restaurant to the largest collection of Asian art in Southern California, you will see more things to do in NoHo than you could imagine.

The dynamic and eclectic atmosphere of this artsy street makes it a great place to take in all of the rich cultural offerings. Brimming with performing arts and dance studios, the bustling NoHo Arts District, CA centers around the renovated 1926 El Portal Theater. A block away is the famed Museum of Contemporary Art, one of the best-known contemporary art museums in America. Just down the street is the International Center of Photography, which houses more than two hundred photographic exhibits. Sculpture by Lucille Ball, choreography by Frank Gehry, and art museums that include the Saatchi Gallery and the Lauder Museum are all located in the Arts District, and the famous El Padul.

As the center of the most dynamic and vibrant arts community in Los Angeles, NoHo is easily accessible for attractions from the rest of the city and even convenient for cleaning services that range from carpet cleaning to sofa cleaning. From Hollywood and Vinegar to Santa Monica and Inglewood, tourists can take advantage of the rich cultural offerings found in this diverse neighborhood. Many local merchants sell everything from art to seafood, from coffee shops to gourmet restaurants. But the area is also home to some of the most notable and high-end restaurants in the city, like Paul Prudential's fine dining, Jean Louis Gaglioni's stylish Japanese spots, and Tony Lama's organic eateries.

Located in the heart of the Arts District, between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills is the exclusive L.A. Arts District, a row of lofts, condos, and apartments designed around a series of open public spaces. The buildings themselves run the gamut from vintage architectural gems to mid-rises to artsy condos built on what was once an auto manufacturing plant. One of the newer buildings, the lofts, was built from scratch on the site of a former tuberculosis sanatorium. Many of the lofts feature prominently placed, turn-of-the-century window design, as well as hand-crafted brick exteriors. The lofts are also popular for people who prefer a more organic, eclectic lifestyle. Located in what was once the old IBM mainframe, the buildings offer ample parking and wide walking areas, as well as proximity to the train station and Expoosa streets.

If you're looking for a place to eat, then you'll definitely want to check out the offerings of Sweet Tomatoes, which is located in the Arts District alongside Sweet Tomatoes and Los Angeles Bagels. Known for its extensive vegetarian offerings, Sweet Tomatoes also features gluten-free food, kid-friendly restaurants, and a full-service spa. If you aren't into vegetables, then check out Tastefully Simple, a French bistro with an eclectic menu that features items such as grilled asparagus, smoked salmon with dill pickle, and foie gras.

Of course, one of the biggest attractions of the Arts District is Hollywood Walk, a grand open-air mall that features retail shops, multiple dining options, and movie theatres. To the immediate north of Hollywood Walk is the L.A. Sports and Entertainment District, home to Staples, Regal, AMC Theaters, and other major companies. Further down the street is the Duarte Contemporary Shopping Center, which is the largest mixed-use public market in Los Angeles. For some of the most unique shopping in town, head to the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Dayton Way to get great designer labels, designer food products, and exclusive art collections. NoHo Arts and Design District in Los Angeles is one of the most important shopping destinations in the city, and it offers a unique balance of pedestrian-friendly galleries and high-end fashion boutiques.

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