What is Beautiful in Tarzana?

What is beautiful in Tarzana, CA? - A query asked by many people when they travel to the West Coast, specifically Hollywood, California. There are many things that make the place beautiful, from the sunsets over the mountains to the beaches between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. But, I'd say that none of these is as beautiful as the blue sky above the rolling hills and valleys. This is true even where there is little else to do or see - except the blue sky.

That's right, I said - "little else to do or see." For decades, Los Angeles has been cursed with the stifling heat of summer, and the humidity of the arid, desert-like climate. The air is always dry and sticky, making a trip out of town a damp and uncomfortable affair. Now, the glorious weather of Tarzana, Southern California is not all that it used to be.

In the past two years, there have been some major projects - and major plans - for turning Los Angeles into one of the most sustainable cities in the world. There are plans for a huge solar farm near the Pacific Ocean, a new airport in San Diego, the rebuilding of the Aliso and Dodger Stadium, and the bringing of a Major League Soccer team to the city. It's amazing that these massive efforts are not fully realized, or that they are just now getting off the ground. But if you walk around any city in California, you will see that the vast majority of the population - and the governments behind those efforts - know that the state's water and weather conditions need to be taken care of, if the state is going to have a sustainable economic future.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the sky will fall tomorrow. However, in the next few years, there will surely be a shift in the color of the sky above Southern California. For now, however, it is a rich, warm, blue sky. There are countless amazing services including massage, self care, residential cleaning services such as professional carpet cleaning, nail care and much more. And, there are also a couple of world-class golf courses in the area, at Torrey Pines and Bear Dance, both of which are less than two hours from downtown LA.

But, when you think about what is beautiful in Tarzana? When you look out your window and look at the blue sky, and the brown, grassy hills surrounding your house and yard - what do you think? Well, I don't think about the beautiful brown-haired mermaids of Southern California. I think of the beautiful beach chair in our living room - a couple of good ole' burgers on the grill, and relaxing with the television blaring in the background.

That's my answer to the question of what is beautiful in Tarzana? A beautiful place to raise a family, relax and watch the birds, enjoy the water, and the sun rising over the horizon. Tarzana, Southern California, is a great place to be, whatever your lifestyle! And, if you don't like the beach, you don't have to go. Because Tarzana has many more amazing locations, you can still spend your day taking in the beauty of the outdoors and just enjoy the ride.

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