February 7, 2021

What are Touch Point Cleaning Services?

Touch point cleaning refers to a non-disposable cleaning technique where surfaces are gently scraped with soft rubber or vinyl objects. Touch point cleaning can include a variety of surfaces such as tables, countertops, computer desks, shower doors, toilets, sinks, countertop grills, kitchen counters, shelves, etc. The more frequently an object is used, the greater the chance that there will be germs and bacteria present on the surface.

Touch point cleaning works best on surfaces with little wear or tear. Most frequently, it is used to clean in areas that are frequently accessed, like in the kitchen. It is effective because it works on a surface that is often touched or used. The object that is used is made of a soft material that works on the surface like a sponge. When the object is used, the surface is rubbed gently in a circular motion, rinsing the area with clean water or soap.

Touch point cleaning doesn't need to be done by trained professionals. Instead, it can be done by anyone, provided the surfaces being cleaned are clean and free from particles. Learn about our Covid Touch Point Cleaning Services

Disinfection is a key part of this touch point cleaning method. You can click here to read how Covid disinfecting services work. Cleaning surfaces after disinfection prevents the growth of germs and bacteria. It also removes odors and stains that can stain other surfaces. A good disinfectant needs to remove all microorganisms. These should be strong and non-toxic substance. Disinfectants are available in liquid form. Some of these disinfectants may be applied by hand. Others can be applied with a wet cloth or with a sprayer. Some of these disinfectants are applied through an airless canister, which is safe to care for the surfaces that will be cleaned.

How Does Touchpoint Disinfect?

Touchpoint cleaning disinfects by removing all of the microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mildew. These microorganisms grow rapidly, so they need to be quickly removed before they can cause a problem. When the cleaning agent is done correctly, this cleaning method ensures that the environment is safe to live in. Disinfectants have to be used properly to avoid any unwanted effects on the environment. To be effective, disinfectants must be sprayed or applied correctly.

Cleaning can be done indoors or outdoors. Outdoor cleaning requires that the area is sealed so that the product used won't be disturbed and moved around during use. There are many cleaning products available. Some are water-based or oil-based, others are steam-based. There are different formulations for different types of surfaces. Touchpoint cleaning requires that the cleaning agent is used carefully. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately. The area to be cleaned should not be allowed to dry. Wiping the area with a wet cloth will allow the product to penetrate into the surface and get into all crevices and cracks to help remove all germs and bacteria. Touchpoint cleaning helps to prevent the spread of germs because of its ability to kill germs. Once the germs and bacteria are killed, they cannot reproduce and cause problems again.

Touchpoint Cleaning Service Care in Times of the Pandemic

Touch point cleaning works well when surfaces have any type of contamination such as food, drink, dust, mold, fungus, or mildew. Using disinfectants properly can protect the surfaces from getting contaminated.

Water-Based Disinfectants

Water-based disinfectants are commonly used to clean surfaces that need to be washed. Water-based products are usually less expensive and easier to use. When choosing a water-based product, it is important to check the pH level. A product that has a high pH level can make it harder for germs to live. Once the product is used, it usually leaves no residue.

Oil-Based Disinfectants for Surfaces

Oil-based cleaners are often used to clean the same surfaces. When choosing a water-based product, make sure the manufacturer advises the user on how much of a solution to use on the surfaces being cleaned. Make sure it does not contain any additives that could potentially harm the environment. Cleaning should be done regularly. If you find that the environment is not safe to be around, then the best thing to do is to hire professionals to work a product to help restore the environment.

touchpoint cleaning for health and wellness

In this article I'll briefly look at the uses of touchpoint cleansing and disinfectants for staff and clients, and whether you should consider adding them to your daily cleaning regime. If you're a large company with many employees, or if you run a business or organization with high levels of customer contact then you may want to consider using disinfectants to improve your cleaning practice and your staff's health. It's an important decision and will have significant implications for your bottom line!

Health experts recognize touchpoints as surfaces that come into regular contact with multiple people. The Cleaning Division of the Health and Safety Executive's Professional Touchpoint Cleaning service reduces the risk of infection in the workplace, thereby improving the quality of service provided, reducing the number of sick days suffered and promoting better morale, and boosting staff productivity. The Health and Safety Executive recommends using disinfectants on a regular basis to keep staff healthy, and a recent survey of more than 800 cleaning companies found that 98% use these disinfectants in their office cleaning products. Many health professionals argue that using disinfectants on a regular basis can be harmful to your employees' health and the use of disinfectants should be limited to industrial use only. This is a common argument among health and safety managers, but there are also arguments to suggest that the use of disinfectants can improve health and safety in the workplace.

If you think about it, there are a number of benefits of touch point cleaning. You should always aim to wash the touch points and surfaces on a regular basis with a product that contains a disinfectant. The use of disinfectants has been shown to help prevent the spread of infectious bacteria on work surfaces and it's been shown to reduce the number of serious infections, such as strep throat, that can be spread between people in the same office. The Health and Safety Executive has recommended that in a home it's advisable to use a disinfectant on a regular basis to reduce the risk of serious illness from viruses and bacteria, and there are also products available that are used to disinfect the food that you serve to your family. Even though this is rarely needed in a work environment, the use of disinfectants in a workplace, particularly those where patients may be present, should be considered a precautionary measure when considering whether or not to add disinfectant to your cleaning regime.

Residential and Commercial Disinfection for Surface Cleaning

Disinfectants are commonly used on woodworking workplace surfaces like tables and shelves. It's not always necessary to use disinfectants on the floors of your home, but they are widely used by health professionals as cleaners in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes because they are widely recognized as being very safe for public use. Disinfectants can be used to touch point cleaning surfaces, but many of us would be surprised at the number of surfaces where we do not see disinfectants. This includes toilets and showers. These are often places where people are regularly exposed to bacteria or viruses, but disinfectant can still be useful in disinfecting surfaces on the floor.

Disinfectant solutions are also sometimes used as a "green cleaning" solution for non-porous surfaces like tile or wooden furniture. Many supermarkets have products available in supermarkets that contain disinfectants. Disinfectants are used on toilets to remove the virus from toilet paper. Although this is not used as frequently as bleach, it is still an important part of your touchpoint cleaning arsenal because it is safe to use on a wide variety of surfaces.

We offer both residential and commercial cleaning surfaces, so whether you need help cleaning your facility or your home, Naturally Green can get the job done!

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