Vacuuming the upholstery.There is no denying that we spend quite a bit of time on our sofas, chairs and other upholstery in the home and office. Naturally, home and office upholstery is a hot spot for stains and odor considering how frequently we use our furniture.

Indeed, considering the fact that furniture is used so often and the upholstery is exposed to food and organic substances so frequently, the buildup of stains, dirt, odor, and debris is inevitable over time. Couple this with the fact that dust mites and microbes will make furniture fabrics their home, and you will see that having it cleaned by a professional is an investment, not an expense, significantly extending the life of your furniture.

When your upholstery is cleaned professionally, the soils that cause visible wear, holes and tears, are broken down and rinsed away. These are the soils that are responsible for damaging fabrics.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Can Drastically Increase the Beauty of Your Work or Living Space

Getting your upholstery treated professionally by Naturally Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service can address concerns about maintaining a clean work and living environment. When you are cleaning your fabrics, you must be certain that you are using the correct products and that you have the proper tools to effectively remove stains and residue from your upholstery. Professional upholstery cleaning takes a short amount of time and can leave you feeling as if you are in a new space, making your furniture look as good as the day it was purchased.

Traditional Upholstery Cleaning Methods can be Hazardous to Your Health

However, traditional furniture fabric cleaning methods contain a number of harmful and even toxic chemicals. That means that formaldehyde, pesticides and acids are mingling on the furniture that we use the most. These dangerous cleaners can cause a variety of health issues, from endocrine related issues to symptoms similar to allergies, including runny nose, irritated eyes and fatigue.

Unfortunately, our little ones and pets are put at the most risk when we use these toxic substances. These family members spend the most time in close contact with upholstery and are therefore directly exposed to harmful cleaning products.

Stylized green cleaning technician cleans armchair.Naturally Green Cleaning Offers a Better Green Cleaning Alternative

Organic green cleaning products alleviate any concerns you might have about health problems that arise when you treat your fabrics. They are more cost effective, and clean your fabrics better than conventional upholstery cleaning products.

Naturally Green Cleaning offers an organic alternative that is lighter on your budget, your health and the environment and it works better than conventional upholstery cleaning methods. Serving the Westside communities of Southern California, the Los Angeles area and West LA, Naturally Green Cleaning performs upholstery cleaning for the home and offices with a safe and effective low moisture carpet and upholstery cleaning system.

This natural cleaning system reduces the carbon footprint of your carpet cleaning service due to the conservation of water. In addition, less water used means that less water remains in your furniture, and less water has to be treated by us after your cleaning appointment. This makes the system more cost effective. Less water is used, so less time is required for your upholstery to dry, easing concerns about the accumulation of mold on your fabric lined furniture after cleaning.

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Naturally Green's owner, Job Herrera has personally created the Naturally Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning system. He understands the benefits of green cleaning and appreciated the desire to have a beautiful and clean home and office. Job offers customers an affordable solution that is safe for all residents of a home, including children and pets. He, along with the rest of team, will be happy to offer your home or business an Eco-friendly evaluation - a realistic and safe plan to help you achieve a cleaner and more environmentally friendly space.

Evaluations are free, so be sure to call us or contact us online. We would love to start working with you today as your partner in achieving a clean and safe home without breaking the bank.