Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning for all carpetsNaturally Green offers organic commercial carpet cleaning services so you can be sure you and your clients get off on the right foot. Unlike most carpet cleaners, Naturally Green uses a special cleaning method to remove the dirt and grime trapped in your carpet, while also protecting the planet. We believe that it's great to be clean, and it's even better to be clean using natural products.

Natural Carpet Cleaning is Better for Your Health

Standard carpet cleaning chemicals don't just have nasty-sounding names-they can also have a nasty effect on the air we breathe. Most carpets are made of synthetic fibers that may be home to harmful substances like acetone and formaldehyde. Cleaning them with commercial or traditional cleaners, which can include known carcinogens and pesticides, is a recipe for health problems. The chemicals in traditional carpet cleaners can lead to, or exacerbate, nausea, asthma, fatigue, and headaches.

Rather than coating a carpet in hard-to-pronounce synthetic chemicals that have been proven to negatively affect our health and the environment, Naturally Green uses an organic, proprietary cleaning blend we created after years of research and testing. Our cleaner will help eliminate micro-organisms that have begun calling your carpet home and improve your indoor air quality. Our organic, non-toxic carpet cleaning method doesn't just involve a safer cleaner, however.

The best commercial carpet cleaning for you.Natural Carpet Cleaning is Better for the Environment

In addition to our organic cleaner, Naturally Green uses less water than traditional carpet cleaners to clean the same amount of space. By using water more effectively and efficiently, we're able to reduce water use and drying time.

Water conservation has been an important environmental topic in California for years. We've taken this to heart to create a unique low-moisture cleaning system that surpasses the water-guzzling steam cleaners in effectiveness. Instead of using fifty to eighty gallons of water to clean your carpet like a conventional steam cleaner, Naturally Green's eco-conscious low-moisture method uses only two to five gallons of water for every thousand square feet and dries quickly.

Natural Carpet Cleaning is Better for Your Carpet

Mold can begin to take hold in a damp carpet in just six hours. With Naturally Green's innovative water-saving method, your carpet will dry in just one to two hours, protecting your flooring from any devastating mold. Not only that, but natural carpet cleaning has been shown to extend the life of your carpet, nearly doubling its life expectancy.

Commercial carpets endure heavy foot traffic. Employees and clients unknowingly track in germs and dirt on their shoes every time they come in the door. Face it-carpets get walked all over. They suffer the abuse of high heels, sneakers, and loafers, plus occasional spills. They should be cleaned regularly, not just to keep them looking fresh, but also to create a clean, eco-friendly environment for your business. Part of what a client sees when they walk in the door is the space you've created to invite them into. Shouldn't that include carpeting that is safely cleaned without noxious chemicals?

Naturally Green Has a Proven Track Record

Naturally Green won the National Institute for Healthy Organic Cleaning's first ever award for Best Healthy Organic Cleaning Company. We pride ourselves in our eco-friendly, customer first service. Naturally Green has created a proprietary cleaner that is organic and non-toxic. Naturally Green makes being eco-conscious affordable by providing specialized cleaning services that rival traditional cleaners.

Naturally Green's Commercial Services are Up-to-Date

Naturally Green stays abreast of environmental news and developments, especially as they affect California. When you hire Naturally Green, you're getting the best of our eco-friendly cleaning knowledge and a quick, reliable service that will refresh your carpet.

Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning can extend the life of your carpet. That doesn't mean you have to invite nasty chemicals into your business, though. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning is an investment in your business and is comparable in price to traditional carpet cleaning. Naturally Green offers a free consultation to help you on your path to an Earth-friendly work environment. Call us to set up an appointment today.