How Is North Hills in San Fernando Valley in California?

It's winter in California and the warm days in North Hills can still be enjoyed in the summer when the temperature dips just into the 50's. The reindeer of the Woodstock Airport Park will greet you as you approach its grounds at just the right time for your special day. These reindeer are free to roam all day long and you'll find a great selection of winter attractions at the park. If the winter holidays have been good to you, it's time to treat yourself to a visit to Santa Claus and the Toy Factory. Children may also enjoy the many rides that run through the Toy Factory during winter. And if your children are old enough, the individually crafted toy cars, trucks and buses are a nice way to spend an afternoon.

You can't drive through North Hills without seeing all the snow-covered hills and mountain peaks in the distance. However, in winter, the mountains are covered with a blanket of white and the reindeer seem unaffected. As a matter of fact, only their hooves are visible on the frozen surface. So if you're looking for entertainment and relaxation, the winter fun in North Hills, Los Angeles can't be beaten.

For an early morning treat, take a ride on the Aerial Tram and experience the beautiful rolling hills of the county. The Aerial Tram is operated by the Disney Land Staff and is open daily. The trip on the Aerial Tram allows you to see so many sites without having to go too far from the busy streets of San Francisco. The reindeer take off every half hour and you can enjoy the scenery here as they pass by.

Reindeers are easy to spot as they come to your rescue every time you call out. Their bright orange coats provide plenty of light and make them easily spotted from a distance. The most interesting aspect of reindeer is that they rarely ever get sick. They get sick only when there is a disease or bad weather which affects the reindeer. The sight of reindeer brings a smile to many people's face and they love spending time in and around the Santa Cruz National Forest.

There are many adventures which you can try out while in this quaint town. Amongst other things, the Aerial Tram makes for an excellent afternoon stop as you go for a horseback ride on one of the many trails around the area. You can also try out a new exciting activity - riding the reindeer! The reindeer are easy to handle and are very friendly towards human beings.

If you're staying in one of the many wonderful accommodations around North Hills, CA, then you don't have to look far to get something to eat or even someplace to get some rug or carpet cleaning. You are just a short bus ride away from the quaint Butternut Cottage where you can indulge in some wonderful homemade cuisines. The cottage itself was built around an original hunting cabin which was built in 1847. You can easily spend your entire afternoon exploring this historic site. In the evening, you can enjoy the stunningly beautiful light show that is put up every evening. The North Hills of San Francisco is truly a great place to be!

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