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Covid-19 spreads by touching the many surfaces that are around them. Despite this, there is some good news! The virus does not survive powerful and precise cleanup with a disinfectant. Here's information on how Covid Disinfecting Services Work in Los Angeles.

Are you taking precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and disease in your business or home? Learn about the best gloves for Covid. The current pandemic is forcing people to fight to protect themselves, their homes, and their businesses from contamination. When a home or business has been affected by the Covid-19, and we'll completely clean Covid-19 from your home or business in Los Angeles. Learn about Touch Point Cleaning Services.

Disinfection of different types of spaces is necessary following contamination by the Covid 19 virus. Naturally Green is there to clean any infected surface, from floors to furniture. We use approved quality disinfectants and ensure that all surfaces are properly cleaned and disinfected while preventing damage. We offer residential and commercial cleaning services and go beyond janitorial cleaning.

Our coronavirus disinfection solution in the Los Angeles area of California respects a strict sanitary step-by-step protocol following certified actions. The results are guaranteed and allow for the protection of people at risk and to limit the spread of the virus. We save lives in southern California. Get in touch for a free quote for covid, restoration or deep cleaning services.

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Professional COVID 19 Cleaning Solutions for any emergency

Understanding information about the virus can help you to be better equipped to avoid it. Covid19 is a virus that continues to live outside the human body. Depending on the nature of the material and the amount of biohazard deposited, the survival time can reportedly range from 2 hours to 9 days at room temperature.

The virus is typically transmitted through the hands. It is the hands that carry and spread the virus. Since the virus survives on surfaces, every time our hands come into contact with contaminated surfaces, they spread the virus. In these times of a pandemic, we all have a role to play. It is important to follow excellent, proven hygiene measures as well as clean your home interior to avoid contaminating the entire household or community. Any exposure can be deadly. For businesses with cleaning or janitorial crews, taking careof covid can be way above their paygrade, which is why you need Naturally Green.

Although we cannot control the hygiene of the outside elements, we can control the hygiene of our own home. Experts recommend keeping your home clean and tidy to prevent the transmission of biohazardous pathogen. We'll protect you from coronavirus, also known as Covid-19 with our office cleaning, home cleaning and commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas of southern California.

Now that forced isolation is beginning to end in some places, you may decide to entrust this safety task to a professional staff. Naturally Green will send a housekeeper to your home as well as to your business and commercial premises. We'll travel to the designated scene and disinfect the surfaces thoroughly while preventing damage. Let us do the job with deep cleaning and commercial cleaning, and you'll get back to your lifestyle sooner than expected. Experience a restoration of your normal life!

Understand how COVID 19 Spreads Through the air In A HOME AND BUSINESS and how it relates to the need for disinfection


The isolation imposed on people around the world has brought to light the seriousness of the situation and the significant risk of unprotected behavior. Hygiene measures that were studied and practiced seriously before the crisis will take on increasing importance for the next few months at the very least. It is therefore absolutely necessary to understand how Covid 19 is spreading in order to realize the need to disinfect its premises by a professional.

This new virus is mainly transmitted by the airways during the following contact at less than 3 feet with an infected person:

  • Discussion without mask
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing

This piece of information is especially important to consider: It is highly contagious, which is why the epidemic has turned into a pandemic, i.e. a worldwide spread of the virus.

Strategies for Appropriate hygiene practices to Stop a virus spreading if it is inadvertently brought on the premises: Policy needs to Incorporate social distancing as much as You Can -- maximum occupancy of Lifts, spacing of desks and so on, how to interact with other Workers and customers especially where physical contact is required, where and when masks should be worn

Under these circumstances, the human hand can turn into a vector for transmission of this virus. Particularly if the hand is set on the face after touching a recently contaminated surface. It is clear how good a risk that the virus poses and why there is a need for quite frequent hand washing. In reality, soap has chemical properties that destroy the virus. Hydroalcoholic gel does the exact same. This is also the main reason particular emphasis must be put on the regions most affected by people in the environment to be medicated.

Use simple common sense to discover other surfaces that could use cleaning, especially if anybody who has visited the premises has symptoms such as sneezing, loss of smell or taste, or fever.

In this case, a professional cleaning of your premises will be the safest and most thorough for eliminating the threat in your environment. Covid-19 cannot survive outside for that long. That being said, it is important to read the instructions and advice of health professionals and the organization of work spaces. It will help to prevent the coronavirus from spreading once the premises are used again. Just a single infected person can cause significant contamination. Cleaning and disinfecting the correct way can prevent COVID from spreading.

We offer Medical Facilities Medical Grade Commercial Cleaning and Sanitation, OSHA, JCAHO and Bloodbourne Standards.

Office Cleaning & Home Cleaning Service - thorough cleaning without damage

In order to reproduce, the virus needs to infect living cells. The coronavirus is surrounded by a lipid crown. After contact with the coronavirus, the surfactants in the soap attach themselves to the lipid envelope of the virus. They are tearing the membrane which disperses on rinsing. The coronavirus is broken down by this action and can no longer penetrate any cells. This is a mechanical effect as the soap traps the virus in the foam, which is eliminated with water.


But the soap can only be used to wash your hands. You need to also think about the surfaces you touch before or after washing your hands. These need different, more suitable products. Naturally Green are in possession of disinfecting substances for:

  • Floors
  • Carpets
  • Furniture
  • Handles
  • And all surfaces potentially carrying the virus

Our cleaning and disinfection services refers to the use of chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. It does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or stains, but it kills germs or viruses which is what this service is all about. We are happy to come to your home and disinfect your home completely, accurately, and effectively with our cleaning and disinfecting services.

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Viruses are amongst the pathogens that can be spread through an infected work environment. The employer is responsible for the health and physical and mental safety of its employees. They must therefore put in place the necessary preventive measures. These will avoid or limit the risks within his company as much as possible.

Certain establishments for the public as well as workplaces were closed during the Covid-19 outbreak. Before reopening them, specific cleaning and/or disinfection must be carried out. It is necessary to prevent any risk of contamination by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Naturally Green is here to help and offers full commercial coronavirus cleaning services whether you have a COVID-19 emergency or not. 

Considerations for Employers

If the offices continued to be used during containment, a complete decontamination of the premises should absolutely be considered--even if only one person was present at the office. The janitorial team typically cannot do this as they may not be equipped, but we are. Decontamination is designed to provide protection to employees of a workplace, especially those who are at risk of occupational disease carriers. It is intended to cut the risk of transmission of pathogens to coworkers or other employees.


This solution eliminates any risk of Covid-19 virus presence. Disinfectants kill microbes, but not necessarily any viruses that may remain. The cleaning of the premises should be carried out in the absence of the public with permanent ventilation of the premises.

If your offices have not been occupied for 10 days prior to reopening, then you do not need to completely disinfect your offices. Nevertheless, cleaning passes prior to the reopening of the premises by your cleaning team are important. This guarantees clean offices and reassures the employees as the end of the home office period and the return to the office will surely be anxious for a lot of them.

Companies should ensure that their workers are kept well-protected against occupational diseases. This can be done through regular training and education. Employees need to understand the risks of working with dirty surfaces. They should be well-educated on the various safety methods available and why deep cleaning is so important.

The majority of places who may need to disinfect their premises from the coronavirus are:

  • Companies
  • Medical offices
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Industries
  • Sports halls

Naturally Green can intervene in all these places and more. Name one and a team of technicians will be there in less than 24 hours.

Water alone isn't enough...information about Disinfection by Nebulization for your business

Nebulization disinfection guarantees the complete elimination of the virus in offices via a precise decontamination protocol. This disinfection process consists of spraying a product in the form of a mist via a cold fogger. The product destroys 99.99% of bacteria and eliminates a wide range of diseases without causing damage to surfaces in a home or business.

During their nebulization, the disinfectant particles spread absolutely everywhere in the offices, for a disinfection of all surfaces of the place. Disinfection by nebulization:

  • Requires no rinsing
  • Does not stain
  • Is alcohol-free
  • Is non-corrosive
  • Is non-irritating

The process is carried out in empty rooms, with a total idle time of 8 hours, including drying. It is necessary to disconnect all electrical devices before the intervention to avoid any damage and then require restoration, including:

  • Household appliances
  • Fire alarms
  • Computer equipment

Disinfection by nebulization works in "human-sized" spaces. Warehouses with very large surfaces or large ceiling heights will be treated more specifically. This is possible with spraying or, alternatively, a more direct application of disinfectant. The price of these interventions is calculated according to the volume of the spaces concerned and it's effective without doing damage to treated areas. 

Cleaning to the latest sanitary standards to prevent a covid emergency

Our deep cleaning service information protocols are established according to the most demanding criteria. Properly performed cleaning effectively removes microorganisms from surfaces. Effective disinfection of surfaces is achieved by using disinfectants that comply with standards that reduce the risk of spread. Naturally Green's coronavirus cleaning protocol is adapted to the recommendations of California health specialists:

  • We clean floors and surfaces with a single-use wash strip mixed with a detergent product
  • We rinse with potable water with another single-use wash strip
  • Drying period
  • We disinfect the floors and surfaces with a single-use wash strip that is different from the two previous ones. This is just part of the deep clean

Optimized CoVID19 Decontamination and CLEANING Protocol

We offer a professional and certified disinfection expertise in California. You can order it as a preventive measure or for deep disinfection in case of contamination.

Disinfection expertise

Appointment with our expert for an on-site expertise in order to define an operating mode that meets your needs. All are respectful of the environment.

Safety and Containment

Safety and containment of your installations in strict compliance with health and safety regulations.

Decontamination and Disinfection Treatment

Application of the treatment according to the procedure defined by our approved technicians. Either by aerial treatment (nebulization or spraying), or by surface contact in the wet phase.

Covid 19

Why call our COVID19 cleaners?

You are probably asking yourself: "Why should I bring a stranger onto my property, where my whole family is protecting ourselves from the outside viruses? I can clean up my space myself, which would be both more economical and safer.” At Naturally Green, we understand your concerns. We guarantee that our intervention will be both affordable and 100% safe. Here’s why it is worth calling our technicians.

Our disinfection company informs you about cleaning methods for cleanup. We'll provide a disinfection service that has been certified and approved for several decades. Our disinfection experts deal with the most innovative and reliable solutions on the market. Our services are much more effective than cleaning with water or other products alone and they will not cause damage to your precious surfaces.

The advantage of professional deep disinfection is that it is possible to touch all areas that are outdoors. This is not always easy to do by hand and can often be very time consuming.

In addition to conventional hygiene measures, we'll use highly scientific measures to make sure your business or home is properly disinfection. Special techniques are important for preventive or curative disinfection operations and this applies in your private or professional spaces as well as in public places. We can also assist with restoration and other California deep cleaning services.

Choose Naturally Green for a Quickly Restored Lifestyle in California!

Disinfection followed by daily cleaning measures will greatly reduce the risk of Covid 19 contamination. Our hygiene personnel protect themselves with PPE. They closely follow the protocols issued by the authorities so as to not endanger themselves or others. Naturally Green works on disinfecting all types of contaminated or coronavirus-prone sites in Los Angeles and go above and beyond janitorial crews in:

  • Offices
  • Industrial premises
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Local authorities
  • Administration
  • Restaurants
  • And many others

Customer satisfaction is a requirement at Naturally Green! Our technicians are trained and equipped with the best disinfecting solutions and equipment. This guarantees you the services to fight efficiently against the risks of contamination. Get a quote or more information from us today!

Naturally Green's DEEP CLEAN Commitments

Expertise accompanied by solutions that combine efficiency and respect for the environment.

1. Quality requirements at all stages

To better meet our customers' expectations and to guarantee the compliance and quality of our services. We follow government regulations and act in compliance with the OSHA article dedicated to this activity. Our technicians work in compliance with legislation and safety.

2. The most efficient products on the market

We use the most efficient products on the market, the only ones that know no resistance. In addition, we keep a permanent watch on all new developments as well as innovative products.

3. Efficiency, speed, quality

Naturally Green guarantees you speed and efficiency in each intervention while preserving the quality of each service. The experience of our technicians allows us to respond to any infection or virus.

4. Loyalty of practices

A corporate culture that promotes good practices. Refusal of all types of commercial fraud. Respect for environmental practices by favoring the least polluting products.

5. Transparency in pricing

We are committed to the strict application of the rules relating to information on prices and services. With complete, clear and precise estimates, transparency of prices is just part of our values.

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