Why I Love Carpet Cleaning in the San Fernando Valley

Carpet cleaning, as a business in and of itself, has plenty of its own rewards. The satisfaction of a job well done, the joy in a customer’s face when we show them how clean their house looks. But here in the San Fernando Valley, there is plenty more to look forward to once the job is done.

'The Valley' is its own perfect, sun-drenched paradise with plenty to do, lots of places to eat, and tons of hangouts to enjoy. It has just the right mix of old and new; with plenty of nostalgia and technological wonders, and a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and chutzpah. It’s also the one place that inspired a song in the 80s, that inspired an entire culture. And it still has that same ‘melting pot’ charm today. Here are some of the gems in the Valley to check out on a day off from work in the SFV:

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Valley Performing Arts Center (Northridge)

Based at Cal State Northridge, this is one of the places we go to for a taste of culture. The shows there range from flamenco guitar performances to full orchestras. If you want to impress your date by looking cultured, this is the place to go in the Valley. It was recently renamed to "The Soraya". Take her to a dinner at Bob’s Big Boy (see below) and enjoy a nice show afterward, all from the comfort of the San Fernando Valley.

Lake Balboa and Woodley Park (Van Nuys)

There are a lot of parks throughout the Valley, but these two, in particular, happen to be a local favorite. While Lake Balboa isn’t the largest lake in the Valley, it has a long tradition of being the backdrop of many a family park-day outing. The lake makes a great place for an afternoon stroll as well. One (known) secret of Woodley Park is that it has a beautiful Japanese garden tucked away in the north-eastern side of the park on, Woodley Ave. Enjoying the beautiful scenery and water flowing in the garden is always refreshing after a hard day of carpet cleaning!

Warner Bros. Studios (Burbank)

Remember all those television shows we used to watch as kids? One of the places they made them is right here in the San Fernando Valley- Warner Bros. Studios. And today, you can take a tour of the facility, including historic movie sets, backstage areas, and more! Be sure to check out the “deluxe tour”, which takes you to places they’d not normally go in a regular tour. It’s worth the extra money for the fun you get out of it.

City Walk at Universal Studios Hollywood (Studio City)

Even though it says ‘Hollywood”, Universal Studios is actually located in the San Fernando Valley. Of course, theme parks are a big attraction, and Universal Studios is no exception. But many locals will tell you that there is plenty of entertainment to be had at the nearby City Walk. Universal City Walk is a large open-air outlet of stores and restaurants, located just outside the park. Best of all, access to Universal City Walk is free. It has beautiful fountains surrounding both ends of the Walk, a massive guitar sculpture in front of the Hard Rock Cafe, and a King Kong Replica that hangs off a City Walk sign. They’re always updating City Walk with new things, features, and attractions, so it’s definitely a worthwhile place to hang out.

Castle Park (Sherman Oaks)

Aaah, Castle Park. This may be one of the most nostalgic, family-friendly places in all of the Valley. This is San Fernando Valley's premier family entertainment center. If you wanted mini gold, arcade action, and more, this was the place to go to. Frankly, there is nothing else like it around. If you want to play a round of mini-golf somewhere else, the nearest major mini-golf courses like this are in Oxnard, Anaheim, or Torrance.

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Bob’s Big Boy (Burbank)

And speaking of nostalgia, one of the oldest eateries in all of the Valley that’s still around today is Bob’s Big Boy. Their Burbank location has been a staple of the San Fernando Valley for over 50 years. And it’s not hard to see why, either. Ask any local where the best burger is, and most will tell you to go to Bob’s Big Boy. When you go, ask for the flavored soda- it’s definitely worth a try.

SFV is the Place to be

There are of course so many more to mention, but those are some of the better places to check out while in the San Fernando Valley. It’s a long way from the Valley’s furthest southeast pocket to the most northwest corner, but it’s jam-packed with great things to see and do. That’s why it’s great to be carpet cleaning in the Valley. The Valley is a terrific place to live.

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