Top Places To Visit In West Hills

West Hills is a popular area to live and work. However, it's also a wonderful spot for tourists and vacationers. You can find plenty to do in West Hills whether you are looking for a peaceful getaway or an active day.

The Lederer Estate

The Lederer Estate is an exceptional example of mid-century modern architecture. It sits on 6.5 acres in West Hills and has been vacant for more than a decade. It was constructed with local stone and has a two-bedroom guesthouse. It was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument by the city in 1978. Visitors are warned to avoid the home by signs and fencing.

Francis Lederer designed the residence and John R. Litke built it in 1934. This home is an excellent example of the blending of Mission Revival style and Mediterranean Revival style. The rich materials used in the construction of this home were carefully chosen and meticulously applied to create a structure that is reminiscent of a Spanish villa. Architecture lovers should visit this building. You can take several tours every day.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties has listed 6613 Lederer Avenue as a single-family residence with three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is situated on 0.18 acres with two parking spaces. It is currently being listed at $918,971, or $585/sqft. The owner has provided contact information for potential buyers. The home's listed price is $219,000 and includes closing costs. A buyer must pay 20%.

Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park

Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park is one of the many things that you can do in the West Hills. It is situated in Southern California, halfway between Los Angeles and Ventura counties. This is where the Simi Hills meet Santa Susana Mountains. The Chatsworth Art Center and Santa Susana Hot Springs are also nearby. Stop by the Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park while you are in the West Hills. This is the perfect spot for a day of hiking or camping.

Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park is located in the northwest corner of Los Angeles County. It's a borderland of the Simi Mountains and Santa Susa Mountains. This area was an important trade route that connected the Chumash people and Tongva peoples in modern-day Los Angeles County. It was a major route to the west during the Gold Rush.

The West Hills has several natural preserves. Three preserves in the West Hills are home to rare fauna and flora. It also contains remnants from the Chumash Indians. In Simi Valley is the Strathearn Historic Park and Museum. The park offers many outdoor recreation opportunities. You can even find hiking trails suitable for families. The park has more than 10 campgrounds.

Knapp Ranch Park

This beautiful park is located in the heart of West Hills. It was once a prized ranch property owned by the Knapps. Knapp sold his land in 1951 to Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department at $200,000 and requested that the park be named after his son Edwin Frank Knapp who died during World War II. Although the park has undergone extensive renovations in recent years it still retains the tranquil atmosphere of its original ranch.

Knapp Ranch Park, located in West Hills, is the ideal place to unwind and relax. It is located at 1,010 feet above sea level and near Saint Bernardine's Catholic school and El Escorpion Park. Two miles away, the large shopping mall Fallbrook Center offers great shopping opportunities. You will also find many cafes and restaurants in the vicinity. You can take the bus, use public transportation or drive to Knapp Ranch Park.

Orcutt Ranch Estate

You are missing out on an unforgettable and historic experience if you have not been to the Orcutt Ranch Estate, West Hills. This historic estate is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. The Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center is located on this stunning property. This is the perfect place for those who love architecture and history. To learn more about the history of the gardens and how they were cultivated over time, you can visit this location.

One wealthy and well-known petroleum geologist once lived at the Orcutt Ranch Estate. He had always longed to live in the West Hills and so he bought a plot of land measuring 210 acres and appointed L.G. as an architect. Knipe was commissioned to design a large, adobe-style house for the couple. Their home was named Rancho Sombra del Roble by the couple. It later became a horticultural center. Later, the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department purchased the property. Today you can visit the Orcutt Ranch Estate.

The Orcutt Ranch is available for public tours. It is also a great place to hold an outdoor event. The ranch can hold up to 175 guests and is open every day from sunrise to dusk. Open to the public, the estate can also be used for events at Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center which is held twice a year. The gardens are accessible from sunrise to dusk, and the Orcutt Ranch hosts at least two weddings per weekend.

Alma Sol Winery

Alma Sol Winery is a West Hills family that is passionate about making great wines. Family-owned winery sources the best fruit from California's finest vineyards. The Paso Robles appellation is their specialty, which produces exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery makes small quantities of outstanding wines, and also produces a Paso Robles-style dessert wine. Wine Club World recently featured Alma Sol. Alma Sol's wine tastings will be unforgettable.

John Alma Sol is the winemaker of Alma Sol. John Alma Sol is the winemaker of Alma Sol wines. Their goal was to make a wine with less alcohol and more acidity. They are food-friendly and still age-worthy. Cabernet Sauvignon is the winery's signature wine, and they are committed to making it the best. The logo of the company, an ancient sun cross symbolizes the winery's soul. Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon, Alma Sol was created to reflect the region's rich, purple fruits. You can taste the wines by making an appointment.

California Jazz & Wine Festival is looking for new wineries to join its ranks. Conejo Creek Park North, Thousand Oaks will host the festival. The Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise presents it. Participating wineries Alma Sol Winery and Casa Barranca as well as Neroj Levant Cuisine have already signed up. If you wish, you can join them! Jazz performances will be featured, as well as local cuisine.

West Hills Hospital Surgical Center

The West Hills Hospital Surgical Center, a community health center and surgical center, specializes in general and Mao surgery. It offers a hand and orthopedic surgery, as well as procedures in gastroenterology and orthopedic. You can pay with cash, credit cards, or online. This hospital is the best option if you are looking for West Hills surgery.

The West Hills Hospital Surgical Center, an ambulatory surgery center with 90 participating doctors, has been serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties since 1996. It offers a safer alternative to hospitalization and is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare and Federal Medicare Program. The hospital offers full surgical, laboratory, and ancinary services that will ensure your safety and quality surgical experience. You should have pre-operative tests completed and the hospital's laboratory work.

The West Hills Hospital and Medical Center has 212 beds and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The hospital recently opened an expanded ED and spent over $100 million on new equipment. This facility offers expert care in newborn care, emergency open-heart surgeries, gastrointestinal care, and a 24/7 accredited center for chest pain. It also offers the same high-quality heart care as a top academic hospital.

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