What To Expect At Toluca Lake

Toluca Lake, a Los Angeles neighborhood is located 12 miles north of downtown. It is also a private, natural lake that is fed by wells maintained by the owners of the surrounding properties. This article will explain what you can expect when buying property in this area.

Toluca Lake Is A Real Estate Tract

There are many options for homes in Toluca Lake. Family units are usually made up of two parents. However, there are single-female or couple households. Many homes have electric gates and multiple security cameras. 35 homes have lake privileges, and there is a country club in the area.

In 1923, the Toluca park development was built for the first time. A new group of investors formed the Toluca Lake Company in 1924 with the aim of creating the first Los Angeles bedroom community. To promote the area, the logo featured a swan and the town was named briefly Toluca. In 1888, Colonel J. B. Lankershim founded Toluca 1888. Later, it was renamed Lankershim.

Many homes in Los Angeles are built for Hollywood lifestyles, but Toluca lake is an entirely different kind of neighborhood. Artesian springs and wells originally supplied water to the lake. It was originally fed by small streams. However, the lake is now fed by two large underground aquifers. Its beauty has attracted celebrities and the entertainment industry, but it continues to attract residents.

Toluca Lake is mostly made up of single-family homes and small apartment buildings. The median age of residents is 39. There are 12,538, which has a 50/49 male to female ratio. If you are looking for a more family-oriented environment, this is the ideal place to raise a family. Toluca Lake, despite its small size, is very popular and has many housing options.

It Is Near Universal City

Toluca Lake, a beautiful natural body of water, is located in Los Angeles County, California, near Universal City. This community is perfect for anyone who wants to swim in the lake. This unincorporated area makes a wonderful family vacation. This beautiful area is perfect for boating, fishing, or relaxing.

This area was once home to the Tongva Indians until Spanish colonizers arrived in the 1790s. The city bought the land in 1923. It is now called Toluca Lake Park. Residents enjoy being close to Burbank, Universal City, and North Hollywood.

Visitors will find many attractions in the neighborhood, including a large amusement park. The Simpsons, Fast & Furious – Supercharged, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter are some of the most famous attractions. There are many popular restaurants within walking distance of the park. This makes it easy to grab a snack or a drink while you wait. Burbank and Studio City are also close by Toluca Lake, making it easy to find everything you need while you're there.

Toluca Lake, a picturesque town near Universal City in California, is a great option. Toluca Lake, despite its small size, is a popular tourist destination. It is only 14 miles from the center. Toluca Lake is the perfect place to relax after a day at Universal City's theme parks. Don't delay in planning your next vacation to this scenic and beautiful area.

It Has A Lower Walk Score

Toluca Lake is located in Los Angeles, California. This area is home to large luxury homes as well as homes built in the 1950s style. The residential streets are lined with deciduous and palm trees. Toluca Lake, despite its size, still retains its Midwest charm. It is also home to 64% of renter-occupied homes. It is also well-known for its low crime rate.

Toluca Lake is less walkable than other areas of Los Angeles. It isn't as walkable as other areas which makes it less attractive for those who don't drive. Toluca Lake is a great place to jog and walk. Because of its low population density, it is ideal for healthy living. It is also close to many parks and golf courses.

Los Angeles's neighborhoods are not as walkable as those in San Diego. Los Angeles' Walkscore was 65.9, which is one point higher than San Diego's 13th. Toluca Lake has a lower Walk Score, making it a "Walker's Paradise".

The Walk Score measures accessibility and walkability. Each address is assigned a Walk Score. This score is calculated using hundreds of walking routes. A point value is assigned to the distance from amenities. The maximum points are awarded to amenities that can be reached within five minutes. To give fewer points to amenities, you can use a point decay factor. To determine a neighborhood's walkability, Walk Score considers many factors such as street length, intersection density, and pedestrian friendliness.

It Has A Large Movie Star Population

Toluca Lake is a favorite spot for actors for many years. Bob Hope and Audie Murphy are two of its most famous residents. Erich Wolfgang Korngold lived there from 1938 to 1957. Bette Davis is another long-time resident on the lake. Bette Davis lived in Valley Spring Lane from the 1950s until her death in 2003. Bing Crosby and Bill Murray were also notable residents of Toluca lake. Frank Sinatra was also a resident. Hilary Duff, Andy Garcia, and others lived there until they died in 2011.

Dorothy Lamour is one of the most famous celebrities who lived in Toluca Lake. Henry Winkler, Steve Carell and others also call the area home. Octavia Spencer is also a resident. Many film crews stop by for lunch breaks to grab a bite.

Toluca Lake, in Los Angeles, is home to Hollywood royalty. Locals are well aware of the many movie stars who live in the area and actively discourage snooping. Toluca Lake offers many unique advantages, such as private Country Clubs or Golf Courses. Toluca Lake is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

There are many properties available for sale in Toluca Lake if you are interested in purchasing a home. Miley Cyrus' Toluca Lake home has a half-timber exterior and diamond-pane leaded windows. Sean aDiddya Combs, an actor who sold one of his homes in the region, is another notable resident.

It Has Excellent Schools

According to the American Community Survey data, Toluca Lake has excellent public schools. 42 days is the median time a home stays on the market. This number is lower than last year. To confirm your child's eligibility for admission to a school, you can use the GreatSchools database. GreatSchools offers school-quality information based on test scores, college readiness, equity data, and other factors.

It is important for families to be close to playgrounds and parks. Toluca Lake does not have many parks, but the ones that do exist offer good recreational facilities and shade during the summer months. Toluca Lake has many trails that can be used for biking and hiking. Children can have fun in the great outdoors while staying fit. This is great news for families who want their children to grow up in a safe neighborhood.

Toluca Lake is home to many restaurants for those who enjoy eating out. 2Good Veggie Kitchen is a great place to grab your morning coffee, or Three Broomsticks and The Habit Burger Grill for weekend brunch. McConnell's Fine Ice Creams also offers dessert. If you are craving a burger, Kansas City BBQ and The Habit Burger Grill are the places to go.

Greater Toluca Lake, a North Hollywood neighborhood that offers homes starting at $450K and ending at $29M, is an excellent choice for housing. Year-over-year, home prices have risen 17.3%. The median Toluca Lake home sold for $1.5M last month. This is 9.99% more than the asking price.

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