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Sylmar, a Los Angeles district, is located in the San Fernando Valley. Although it was once an agricultural community, it is now a largely residential suburb of Los Angeles. Sylmar is home to approximately 92,000 people. Sylmar is home to many refugees from all over the globe. Sylmar is home to several public schools as well as a library and many parks. Sylmar Juvenile hall, which is a Los Angeles County detention center for young criminals, can also be found in the district.


It's easy for people to forget about Sylmar. But it is home to a diverse community. Sylmar's majority of residents identified themselves as Mexican in 2000. Many residents also have ancestry from South America and Spain. 42.7% of residents were not born in the United States. In 2000, the median age was 28. Although the neighborhood is moderately diverse, there are some things that make it stand apart from other neighborhoods.

Sylmar, for one, is a diverse and affordable city. The median price of single-family homes in Sylmar is 45 percent lower than those in Los Angeles. It's a great area to buy a first home because the median price is so low. Although crime is not nonexistent in this area, it is less than in 25% of the other Los Angeles-area communities.

Sylmar's growth began in the 1960s with the construction of the Golden State-San Diego interchange. In 1981, the completion of the 210-118 freeway resulted in even greater growth. In 1971, a land-use document was created with the aim of reducing the population from 90,000. in 1990 to 53,000. in 2010. In 1986, Sylmar had a population of 53392.

Many residents were left without power after the 2008 fires. The Sayre Fire saw the destruction of 480 units in the 600-unit mobile homes park. A homeless man and his dog were also killed in the fire. Sky Terrace Mobile Home Park, which is adjacent to Lakeview Terrace, also lost eight mobile homes. FEMA aid was not available to residents. The Sayre Fire on 11/15/08 also destroyed six homes. The fire did not cause any damage to Sylmar's homes.


The City of Sylmar can be found in Southern California's San Fernando Valley. The 2010 census recorded that the city had 53,392 inhabitants. The community was predominantly non-Hispanic and white in the 1970s. There were few jobs in the community and decaying infrastructure. Residents opposed the city’s master plan to increase density and opted out. Sylmar was faced with a similar fate in the 1980s to other California communities.

Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Anaheim are all close by the City of Sylmar. These cities can be used as a base for travelers with a limited travel budget. These cities are also easily accessible from Sylmar, which is only twenty-one miles away. Make sure you check the road conditions before you decide on the best route. You can choose between 500 cities in California or the surrounding area if you plan to drive.

Sylmar has many parks, gardens, and orchards. Since the San Fernando Mission, olive trees have been grown for many years. These attractions are worth considering if you're thinking about moving to Sylmar. Although it may seem difficult to find the right home for you, this community is worth a look. It is well-known for its beautiful scenery and friendly atmosphere. Sylmar has something for everyone, thanks to its diverse population.

Sylmar Court Apartments will also offer 101 units to rent in addition to the newly constructed apartments. Rents will be between $442 and $1,256 per month. The complex will include 3,500 square feet of community space. The development will also include 25 units of permanent supportive housing. Sixteen of these units will be for the chronically homeless, while six are for those who are homeless. Sylmar Court Apartments are also within walking distance to schools and public transit.

School District

Record coronavirus cases forced students to return to school. The district reopened its schools after a series of carefully-crafted plans were implemented. This was in response to a shortage of staff and anxious parents. Searching district data reveals that the area saw more than 450,000 test results in the past few months.

Sylmar's School district contains 184 public schools. Rankings are determined based on academic performance and equity. This information is based on the state-required test results and student graduation rates. These rankings are indicative of the quality of education in Sylmar Unified Schools District. Sylmar's school district is home to some of America's most prestigious schools.

A typical California school district has elementary (K-8) or high (K-12). Some districts combine all three types. Some districts have K-6 elementary schools, while others only have one high school. There are also "joint districts", which can serve students from more than one county. You should consider reviews from parents as well as statistics regarding the students to help you decide if a school district is right.

Housing Options

There are many affordable housing options for people with a fixed income in Sylmar, CA. The area has 15 apartment buildings that are affordable to the lowest income. These communities often offer rental assistance programs. You can narrow your search by choosing a certain income level to find the best housing option. You can refine your search by size if you're not sure of your budget. There are many options for renting in Sylmar, California.

There are many options for single-family homes and apartments. Sylmar Court is an example of a mixed-use community with 101 units and 3500 square feet of commercial space. This apartment community is close to major transit lines, schools, and public parks. Apartments are spacious with one, two, or three bedrooms. Sylmar Court has also been certified LEED, meaning it was built to protect the environment.

Shopping Options

Sylmar is home to many shopping options. Instacart and Vallarta Supermarket offer grocery delivery. If you need bulk items or groceries delivered to Sylmar, Instacart can help you find them. San Fernando Value Center offers 10 stores with detailed hours of operation. Instacart offers bulk food delivery and ready-to-eat meals to make shopping easier.

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