Relocating To Sun Valley: Factors To Consider

Sun Valley is a small community in Southern California's Inland Empire. The town has approximately 10,000 residents and is home to a wealth of natural resources such as mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers. There are several factors to consider when considering moving to Sun Valley, California.

Cost Of Living

The median household income in Sun Valley, CA is only 1% less than the national average. The cost of living is still lower than the $38,386 national average. It is quieter than other areas of Los Angeles and has a lower density of residents. The city's population density is 76% lower than that of Los Angeles. Sun Valley's home prices are lower than the county and state averages. This means that you will spend less money in the area.

Sun Valley's commute to work takes 30 minutes on average. However, there are several bus stops in the area and Metrolink stations. A one-way Metrolink ticket is $5, and bus fares start at $1.50. To save even more on your commute, you can purchase passes or other discounts. Metrolink offers many discounts, which can be purchased online or at a vending machine. Sun Valley is not the most affordable place to use public transport.

Taxes can vary greatly from one city to the next. Sun Valley's average resident pays $5,991 in taxes annually. This does not include income taxes or property taxes. Although Sun Valley, CA, is a suburb of Los Angeles is still close to beautiful areas in Southern California. The city is also quiet and affordable. The residents have a great outdoor lifestyle, with many outdoor activities and excellent schools.

There is no shortage of job opportunities in the area, with a low unemployment rate of only 4 percent. Sun Valley, CA is affordable for both millennials and retirees.

School Ratings

You should check the ratings of schools in Sun Valley, California if you are thinking about sending your child there. It's possible that you are unsure how to assess the school's quality. Schools are rated based on their test scores and other factors. You can view all ratings on the GreatSchools website to find the top schools in Sun Valley.

Sun Valley High School is ranked 832nd among California schools. This means that almost 78% of students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches. This is much more than the 55.7% state average, which means that the school is more likely to reflect low-income communities. This means that the school is likely to be a good fit if students are in need of financial aid.


Housing costs depend on the area's income. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the average home in America is about 3.4 times the median household income. This ranges from 1.0 to 10 in the most costly cities to 1.0 in the least. Sun Valley's median household income is $51,094 which is 16.1 times the median house price.

Different Types Of Industries

Take a look at the different industries found in Sun Valley. Despite being a predominantly industrial area, the majority of residents work in manufacturing, restaurants, or construction. The highest-paying areas in the area are electronics stores, commodities distribution, farming, as well as retail sales. Sun Valley's white-collar workforce includes truck drivers, which make up around 29%. Sun Valley also has government employees and self-employed individuals.

Public Transportation

Sun Valley is close to public transportation, so it's an alternative to driving. Sun Valley has a Metrolink station and numerous bus lines. The average bus fare from Sun Valley to LA is $5. Metrolink offers a variety of discounts on its rides. Metrolink passes can also be purchased at vending machines or online. They can also save money without sacrificing their quality of life.

Distance From Burbank

The distance between Sun Valley, CA, and Burbank, CA, is 5.24 miles (10.3 km). The distance between these two locations can be covered by a standard car in 7 minutes. If you drive by car along the I-5 S route, the distance between Sun Valley to Burbank is shorter. It is also only three miles between Sun Valley and North Hollywood.


The weather is one of many things to consider when moving to Sun Valley, California. The region experiences both dry, warm summers and wet, cold winters. Summer temperatures range from the high 70s and low 90s while winter temperatures can drop to the 30s. Sun Valley receives an average of 18 inches of precipitation per year. Most of this falls between November-April.

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