Living In Lake View Terrace, CA

Lake View Terrace is a suburb of Los Angeles that you might consider if you are thinking about moving there. This suburb is located in the San Fernando Valley. It's a popular area of Los Angeles known for its great schools and affordable home prices. Although the neighborhood is a suburb, it tends to be more affordable than other parts of Los Angeles. However, they are consistently rated well by the state's education department. The neighborhood has a great feel, despite the low home prices.

Located In The San Fernando Valley

Los Angeles Unified School District is zoned for residents of Lake View Terrace. This includes Fenton Elementary, Brainard Avenue Elementary, and Olive Vista Middle, and High Schools. PUC Schools has several charter schools within the San Fernando Valley. These include the PUC Community Charter Middle School and PUC Lakeview Charter Academy. The Delphi Academy of Los Angeles is also located in Lake View Terrace. It was originally located in La Canada Flintridge. The campus was opened in 2003.

Lake View Terrace is small in comparison to other San Fernando Valley neighborhoods. It spans 4.23 miles. It is home to some of the most varied environments and one of the lowest density areas in the L.A. region. Lake View Terrace has a rural vibe due to its lush green vegetation and low population density. The equestrian trails are popular among locals and residents of Lake View Terrace.

Lake View Terrace is a great place to call home if you are looking for a low-cost place to live. The Los Angeles County town has 13,584 inhabitants and 3,521 households. It's located approximately 3,693 km west of Washington DC and is the perfect place to start a family. It offers great weather and friendly neighbors. There are also excellent schools. It's hard to find a better place than the San Fernando Valley.

Lake View Terrace was once part of Rancho Tujunga. It is now well-known for its Hansen Dam Swim Lake, and Hansen Dam Horse Park. The Discovery Cube Los Angeles is also available to visitors to Lake View Terrace. This neighborhood, despite its recent renaming, has a rich history. It was originally named Tujunga Terrace, but it was later renamed Lake View Terrace in recognition of its view over Hansen Dam.

Homes Have Lower Values

Lake View Terrace's rents average $2,185 per mo, which is lower than the average for the area. This community averages $6,931 per month and spends 32% of its income on housing. However, rents are generally lower than home values in the Los Angeles suburbs. Lake View Terrace's median home value is $641,760. Lake View Terrace is an ideal place to start a family because rents are less than the median home value.

Lake View Terrace's workforce consists mainly of professionals, executives, managers, and other professional positions. Another 17.4% are employed in sales and services jobs. These can include managing large accounts or working in fast-food restaurants. Only 8.6% are employed in manufacturing. It's no surprise that Lake View Terrace has lower home values than neighboring suburbs.

Rising seas increase flood risk, which could have an impact on 192 Lake View Terrace properties. A storm with a 26% chance to cause severe flooding could impact 209 properties within 30 years. Changes in climates are also changing the flood-prone areas of coastal communities. Flooding can cause property damage, disrupt utilities, and even disrupt emergency services. Flooding can have a negative impact on the economic health of a whole community. Lake View Terrace flood risk is low. Despite the low risk, Lake View Terrace's home values are still below those in Los Angeles.

School Ratings Are Consistent

Although Lake View Terrace schools have consistent ratings, it is important that you note that there are many quality elementary schools in the region. Elementary schools with high ratings might not be as well-respected as secondary schools. Consider the location of daycare centers. For children, the Twins Family WeeCare is a good option. The nearby Mountain View Convalescent Hospital or Filmore Children's Center might offer urgent care and services.

Lakeview Terrace must provide a 14-day supply of N95 and surgical masks to meet federal safety and care standards. Lakeview Terrace must also comply with its COVID-19 mitigation plans, train all staff and reduce the number of residents who are positive. The facility must ensure that residents are taking their prescribed medication. It should increase its nursing staff and keep accurate medication records.

Neighborhood Feels Neighborly

If you're looking for a community feel, Lake View Terrace is the perfect place. It's also close to major attractions such as Griffith Park and Hollywood Walk of Fame. Lake View Terrace is a community of single-family homes. There is a strong sense in the area that there is a sense of community spirit. Residents are friendly and willing to help. You can get to know your neighbors by participating in a variety of events and activities. Lake View Terrace is a great place to retire or raise a family.

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